Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello there,
We went on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I would share some photos. First of all let me tell you when my husband said he wanted to go to New Mexico I was like "Really? It's just a lot of desert!" Needless to say I was not thrilled, but by the end of the trip I realized boy was I wrong!
We started out with a very long day of driving covering a big chunk of Colorado, then down into New Mexico. The next day we arrived in Alamogordo, New Mexico and spent the rest of the day at the White Sands National Monument. Talk about gorgeous!! White sand hills as far as the eye can see!

 Travis was shooting pictures like crazy! Every direction was a beautiful view, especially as the sun was setting.

In the morning we went to the Pistachio farms - Yummy!! - and The Old Apple Barn. This was an awesome old barn built in 1941 up on the mountain, where the Cloud Climbing Railroad stopped to load apples. (They had an awesome gift shop too!)
Not sure where this little door leads, but Samantha was very curious.
Alamogordo has an amazing Space Museum too, well at least one of the kids thought so lol!
 Another afternoon at White Sands, and we were all in agreement on this one, we absolutely loved it! Played in the sand for hours!

Alamogordo Balloon Festival!! Beautiful!!

 They even had Smokey the Bear!
Next stop - Roswell, New Mexico. The kids were thrilled, said this was THE coolest spot on the trip!
Although we went for Aliens, the Museum and Art Center was truly amazing! An excellent museum!

 Playing with Aliens.
 These carvings made me laugh, here we carve bears there they carve aliens! lol
On to Carlsbad Caverns - this was
Travis' favorite part! He loves caves and photography, so needless to say a trip through the cave that takes most people 3 hrs. took us 6 hrs. I think he took a thousand photos in there! It was pretty awesome though, we took the natural entrance which is a pretty steep walk 750 feet down (1.25 miles) and then it's another 1.25 mile walk to see all of the cave.
This is the natural entrance. I was feeling a little unsure at this point, but not Travis and the girls, they were ready to go! 

And we were off again, this time to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The first thing we did was go to the Titanic Exhibit since it was in town, we had already seen it in Salt Lake City, but it is just that cool so we did it again!
Next we wandered around Old Town Albuquerque, this place was awesome with it's adobe buildings, patio gardens, and endless gift shops. We bought the most beautiful handmade jewelry from the local craftsmen...  

 ...and ended the day at Gardunos. This was one of the best Mexican food restaurants we have been to, and the hottest tamales I've ever had!
On our way back to Utah, we stopped at Four Corners Monument. Samantha said she wanted to be happy in four states at once, and here she is happy as ever!
On the way there these 8 Vipers zipped passed us, and I had to get a pic...all this gorgeousness in one shot!! :)
On our way back home, we spent the last two days in Moab, Utah. This first photo is the RV park we stayed in, it was really nice! 
We ate at a great restaurant called Twisted Sista's. I love their funky colorful theme...such cool place and great food too!
 We spent the most of our time exploring Arches National Monument, and it is absolutely gorgeous!!
Travis loves to shoot this area and has some amazing shots of the arches, unfortunately these pics were taken by me lol!

So, that was our trip to New Mexico and I have to say it was pretty awesome!
We had a great time!

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