Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beautiful Boston!

This summer Travis and I were lucky enough to get to go to Boston! He had to go there for a Manager Convention for work, so we stayed a while longer to take in the city.
First of all, being a small town girl, I couldn't get over how big it is...Wow!
We stayed at The Park Plaza hotel and it was absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. The ball room pictured is where the conference was held and it was just so beautiful!

Here are a couple of views from our room, I love the roof top gardens.

Our first day there we wandered around the Boston Common park and pond. The Washington statue pic was not taken by us, when we were there the tulips were gone and it was solid purple with giant Allium. It was fabulous!!

  Right next to the park was Cheers, the bar where they filmed the TV show "Cheers."
That was pretty cool, and when you walk in everyone cheers. :)
(Bad phone pic)
The buildings and churches are so beautiful, and the achitecture is amazing! Everything has so much detail, and I love the Brownstones!

While taking in the sites, we ended up on Newberry Street. Holy cow, every designer you can think of and lots of great restaurants.

 One day of the conference we did a service project. Our group went to an early education center to help out where ever needed, and Travis and I were paired up with this lovely lady who was retiring this year.

 One of my favorite parts was the Duck tour! These interesting vehicles take you around to a bunch of cool sites, and they drive right into the water! How cool is that??
 One of many awesome Boston skylines.
At the end of the tour, we were dropped off at Fenway park for another tour and dinner, then took the subway back to the hotel. First time on a subway, and let's just say I learned real fast to hold on tight! lol :)
Another of the conference meetings was held at the Faneuil Hall. It was fantastic! This whole trip was like walking through history, very cool!!
...and how lucky are we???? The Body Works exhibit was right there at the Quincy Market! I had been wanting to see it, and we had no idea it was there!!

So it's the last day of the convention and I must say it was the absolute best. We went to see the Boston Pops!! I did not think I would like going to the symphony, but I loved it!! We had such a great night!!
The next day Trav and I walked around spending time at the Trinity church, the library (which has a beautiful court yard in the center), and enjoying Copley Square.

 Found this weird guy too! ;)

This trip was full of amazing sites, beautiful places, and warm sunny days to experience it all!
Here are a couple make me smile photos :)
The blingy burger...
...and the happy crosswalk. Love it!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Well hello everyone!
It has been almost a year since my last post, and it has been quite a year. So I decided to share some of our favorite things and good times that we've been up to.
One thing we enjoy is the Zoo. Seriously...who doesn't love the Zoo? And since ours is 150 miles away, it makes for a great weekend trip.

Speaking of animals, for the past 3 years we have had turkey vultures in our pine trees. What makes this so weird is that we live right in town, and there are a bunch of them! We've counted up to 50 at times! People are always stopping to watch them and take pictures, it's crazy! This is not the best photo, but it shows a few of them. Not sure why our trees...but what you gonna do, besides I think they are growing on me. :)
One day this little guy showed up on our door step, I think he's a baby pigeon.
 Silly girls :)
These photos are in our yard. I just love flowers!

And this is my happy place :)
My mom is 71 years old and still tills her own garden, hope I can too when I get older. Her yard is absolutely gorgeous with flowers!
  Brittiny made these adorable cupcakes.
  Travis and I went on an awesome trip to Boston.
 (Sharing photos in next post)
In July we took the kids to Lagoon for two days, an amusement park which again is 150 miles away. They had a great time! We hadn't been for a few years so they were due for some fun :)
Had this pic taken in Pioneer village at Lagoon.
  We also got to see a Bees game that weekend.
So it is finally August and it is Brittiny's birthday. We spent the day bowling in the disco lights, playing games, and kicking butt at air hockey! LOL :)
 Looking back, I would say it's been a great summer!