Sunday, October 14, 2012

Alaska Cruise

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to share some photos from our Alaskan Cruise. First of all I have to say that Alaska is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth! Everywhere you look it is gorgeous! Second, If you have never been on a cruise you should definitely plan one. This is only my second one but it is totally the way to travel, I love it!
We first drove to Seattle and spent a few days seeing the sights, going to the MOG (Museum of Glass) to see the Chihuly glass, and spending time at the Space needle.

My hubby will do anything for a great shot! :)

The Holland America MS Westerdam! I just can't get over how big these ships are, and this one is a somewhat smaller one. Holds 1800 passengers.
Every single table on the ship had beautiful live orchids on them, Gorgeous!
Scenery of the Inner Passage. It was breathtaking, and the way the clouds just layed down through the mountains was amazing!
The view from our cabin.
Almost to Juneau! Ready for a great day of whale watching!
I love whales, and boy did they put on a show!! Lot's of whales, slapping their tails in the water and we even saw a triple was spectacular!
Got to see these cute Harbor Seals, aren't they cute!!
Us at the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau!
Next stop...Glacier Bay! All I can say is WOW!! Truly incredible!!!


Travis' parents having a great time!
The next day we find out there are Hurricane warnings on the Pacific coast with 75 mph winds, so needless to say we had to stay in the Inner passage and skip going to Sitka. All worked out well though because as a result we got to have a full day in our last two ports. yay! That night though, we had lots of wind, fog, and 30 foot waves!!! I couldn't sleep and was pretty green the next morning, alot of people were looking pretty ill. lol :)
Travis took this photo before they closed off the outside decks.
It wasn't all bad, we had beautiful days mostly!
Ketchican Alaska, lovely place and so very wet! Rains all the time they say!
Our last port of call was Victoria BC! This was another of my favorite places, I loved it so much I want to go back! We spent 4 hours going through the Butchart Gardens, and what a sight it is! There are so many flowers...endless doesn't get any better than that!
One very happy hubby taking pictures! :)
Some of Trav's fantastic flower shots
I even managed to get a great Fuschia shot! :)
Then we were off to shop -fun fun fun! We even took a ride in a Pedi-cab. Talk about awesome - we had the best guy named Soren who took us all over town telling us amazing stories of the history, and the funnier side of things. We had a blast!
The beautiful Parliamant Building!
Back to Seattle, spent the next few days exploring Mt. Rainer and Mt Saint Helens. It is such gorgeous territory, Loved it!!
This last photo is our truck and camper at the most beautiful RV park ever! They had a gorgeous waterfall surrounded with fabulous roses!
Such a wonderful vacation!!!


Anna C said...

Your photos are absolutely stunning, Cindy! I wish I had just a few ounces of your hubsand's photography skills!! I can't wait to show your photos to my husband because going to Alaska is really big on our bucket list!
Nice to see photos of you too! You are gonna have lots of beautiful photos to scrap!!!!

Paul Nee said...

Hi Cindy, I lost the napkin Travis had written down all of the contact info for you all. Love the pics from the cruise and I have a couple I think Travis and you would love, mainly 2 of the 3 breaching whales we saw outside of Juneau and the bear cub chasing woman. Somehow I need to get your's or Travis' email address.
Have a Merry Christmas, Paul & Net

Cindy said...

Hi Paul!
Here is Trav's email, he is looking forward to hearing from you :)