Sunday, December 12, 2010

My wonderful husband surprised me a couple weeks ago with a new camera, which I LOVE, and a new photo editing program. So needless to say, I have been thinking alot about pictures and how obviously important they are to scrapbooking, whether it be a portrait or snapshot, they can change the feel of the entire layout. I love to play with the colors in a picture, change it to an extreme black and white, or even add some blur to it. That drives my husband crazy because he is an excellent photographer, and likes his pictures clean and clear....but I can't help it because it just looks awesome! Hopefully it won't take long to learn my new program and some new editing techniques.
Here are some layouts I've done in the past where a little editing made a big difference.
Happy Scrappin Ladies! :)

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Thanks for your comments on over at the Willows. Made my day. You are super talented.OMG...Your blog is beautiful too.